Wind Turbine Inspection

Wind Turbine Inspection

Drones offer the opportunity to more rapidly and safely conduct inspections of wind turbines.  From completing regular inspections to helping ensuring that you have the data to support warranty claims, we can help.

How can a Drone / UAV help?

These inspections are traditionally achieved using a three-person rope access team where experienced rope climbers descend each blade from the turbine hub.  This is a slow, labour intensive, process and there are health and safety risks that need to be managed.

A drone will not completely replace these methods but it can provide quicker coverage of a wind turbine site and the ability to direct the activities of the rope access technicians more efficiently.  These services can dramatically reduce your risk exposure in a “working at height” situation and by altering the economics of these inspections, can enable you to do them more frequently.

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Our Equipment

Our primary platform for this type of inspection work is the Aerialtronics Zenith which can be equipped with a range of different camera including: Sony A7rii (42mpx), Sony A6000 (24 mpx) and the DuplaVista (10* Zoom and Thermal Camera).  As the Zenith is a heavy lift aircraft we can use a range of lenses, enabling us to keep a large stand off distance from your asset.  The Zenith has a larger operating envelope than most UAVs as it is able to operate in high winds and also in light rain and snow.  In addition the Zenith measures turbulence and provides real time data back to the pilot, this enables a real understanding of the operating environment in the danger area around the trailing edge of the turbine blade.

We also operate with £10m of public liability for your peace of mind.


We can provide you with a full solution to enabling your team to undertake inspections on your site.  From delivering you a UAV system(s), training your team in the operation of the system, helping you establish your operating procedures, to servicing your UAV – we can help.  In addition during the period where your team do not have permission for aerial work we can undertake these inspections for you working in partnership with your team.

Team enablement is a tailored service offering, please call us to find out more.