West Yorkshire Police Public Order Training day

By November 25, 2015 Clients No Comments

We were thrilled to be asked  to join in the West Yorkshire Public Order Training day at their centre near Wakefield.  It’s quite a place!  The facilities there include firearms ranges,  driver manoeuvring area (we even managed a go in the police Landrovers) and indoor and outdoor public order area.  During a mock public order training exercise, we were able to demonstrate the Aerialtronics Zenith and its use of high res camera with a 10x zoom which allowed us to keep a safe distance from the fray while still getting really good footage of who was doing what on the ground!  Coupled with the 1080p hi def feed and the ability to watch the feed up to 1 km away, the Zenith could make a useful addition to policing large scale public events, from both an evidence gathering point of view and crowd behaviour modification tool.

police training day