About the engagement

The objectives of the survey, were:

• Conduct the roof inspection of the Whisky Distillery in a way to reduce the risk of working at height

• Establish the condition of each roof of the six main buildings

The inspections were completed using an Aerialtronics ATX8 UAV equipped with a Sony A6000 camera with a remotely controlled zoom lens. This UAV is manufactured in the Netherlands to an aviation standard and is equipped with a number of redundant systems, including main flight power and motors, to ensure the safety of every mission.

A flight plan and risk assessment were conducted for the mission. In addition, due to the location of the distillery inside controlled airspace special permission was gained from the National Air Traffic Service to conduct the inspection.

In accordance with industry best practice, the inspection was conducted by a team of 2 people: a pilot and a camera operator. This enables the live review of the roof by the camera operator, enabling the pilot to focus on the safe operation of the drone. The weather on the day was favourable, relatively light winds and good light. The data collection was completed in 4 flights and was collated into a roof condition report.

Without the need for Malps, cherry pickers, scaffolding or men working at height, we were able to ascertain the condition of the roof with respect to water ingress, holes and corrosion at a fraction of time and cost.

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