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We were engaged to produce an accurate survey of a jetty on the Thames.  We used the Aerialtronics Zenith and a Sony A6000 to capture geo-referenced photos of the jetty.  In addition ground control points were defined to increase the accuracy of the delivered point cloud.  These were processed using PIX4D into a point cloud and orthomosaic of the jetty.  This data was compared to a LIDAR survey of the jetty and found to be very accurate.

Capturing high quality aerial stills is only a part of the process in delivering a quality, usable 3D model.  Understanding the structure, the objectives of the survey and the environment are critical to meeting our customer’s needs.

After capturing the data the images, geolocation data and ground control points are processed using the PIx4D software to create accurate 3D models that you can apply to your surveying challenges.  The software generates high-end, survey-grade accurate orthomosaics, DSMs and Point clouds.

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