FPS Distribution asked Droneflight to help with video to illustrate the concept of a delivery drone.  The footage is largely filmed on the DJI Inspire (even many elements of the ground filming), a Nikon D810 with a Ronin and a ground based camera operated and supplied by FPS.  Filmed on location, over 3 days, in Sheffield, Richmond and Easby and edited by FPS Distribution’s in house team.

During filming an actual delivery of a product ordered by Brakeline was delivered from the distribution centre.  This delivery was completed within the UK CAA regulations and was the first UK B2B drone delivery in the UK.

Within 3 weeks of the video being placed on youtube it had over 2000 views and resulted in several media appearances for FPS Distribution.

FPS Distribution

FPS have been in distribution and wholesaling for over 80 years with a product portfolio that now spans the Automotive, Industrial, Travel & Leisure and Retail sectors. Employing over 1,000 people, we operate across the UK through a network of 22 sites, including a National Distribution Centre based in Sheffield.



Let us help you get the footage you need for your project.  With professional pilots, photographers and videographers in our team we have the skills along with a range of equipment to suit your needs.



"Droneflight responded quickly to our request to create a short film and complete the first delivery by drone in the UK within CAA regulations. From our very first phone call into Droneflight we worked closely with their team to ensure that the project was successfully delivered. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional team and I would highly recommend their services."

− Dominique Peacock, Head of E-Business & Client Services

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