Our Drones

It’s about the right equipment for the right job

From our experience we know that there isn’t one drone that fits all – in fact some drone are completely unsuitable for certain applications.  We have invested time in understanding the market, testing the capabilities of many drones to ensure we can deliver the right level of service to our clients.

It’s not just about the drone its about the right payload too, we use a huge range of cameras: Sony A7 Rii, Sony A7 Sii, DJI X5x, DJI XT Thermal, Dupla Vista, Sequoia and more.

Ebee RTK

The Ebee RTK is a ultra high-accuracy fixed wing mapping drone package for use by professional surveyors that need maximum geospatial precision for their customers. The aircraft is equipped with a dual-frequency L1/L2 receiver tracking both GPS and GLONASS signals.  This fixed wing drone is capable of covering large areas quickly without the need to place ground control points.

If you need us to map larger areas efficiently or areas that have access restrictions for placing ground control we can help.  We process our data in PIX4D and can provide a range of outputs that meet your requirements.

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Flyability Elios

The Flyability Elios is a collision tolerant drone, with the ability to fly in very confined spaces and conduct internal inspections of industrial assets. Carrying its own protective frame, Elios is collision-tolerant. No need to focus on avoiding obstacles, Elios bounces off and roll on them to find its way. You can fly close or even in direct contact with humans with a very low risk of injuries. Elios embeds a full HD camera, a thermal camera, and an on-board LED lighting system with a remotely adjustable intensity. Once you have reached the most inaccessible places, you have all the tools on board to take the best possible shot in nearly any lighting conditions.

We use the Elios for inspecting industrial assets including boilers, cable tunnels and internal steel structures at height.

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Aerialtronics Zenith

The Aerialtronics Zenith is one of the worlds most versatile drones capable of carrying specialist Dual Vision sensor with on-board processing, cameras to 100 MP, thermal, corona, gas sensors, radiation sensors and lights. The Zenith is EMC tested & IP55 rated by TÜV and has redundant IMUs, motors and batteries.  Our standard cameras for Zenith operations are the Sony A7 Rii, Sony A6000 and the Dupla Vista.  Other cameras including the Phase One can be used.

We use the Zenith for mapping and inspection operations in demanding safety critical environments including industrial sites, off shore and marine.  When using the Zenith for mapping and modelling we process the data in PIX4D.

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DJI M210

The Matrice 210 is a very flexible industrial drone with multiple camera ports (including upward facing), IP 43 rated and equipped with an ADS-B receiver to enhance flight safety.  With multiple redundant systems including batteries and collision avoidance systems the m210 is designed for the industrial environment.

We use the M210 with a range of cameras including x4S, x5s, Z30, Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera and magnetometer.

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DJI Phantom RTK

The Phantom 4 RTK with its L1/L2 GPS, RTK and global shutter is a surveying focused drone that we use to map smaller areas and vertical facades of buildings.  The drone can achieve excellent levels of accuracy when used with a network RTK service or processed PPK.

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Parrot Anafi Thermal

Ultra-compact and foldable  means you can take this Parrot drone with you anytime, anywhere.  It is quiet, has a 25-minute flight time and a built in thermal camera.

The 4K HDR camera combines video and photo shooting capabilities with its unique 180° tilt gimbal and up to 2.8X lossless zoom.  The thermal camera provides insights that can be process in FLIR tools.

With a good capability with a very low mass this drone helps reduce the risks of operating in congested areas.

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