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How to select a Drone / UAV operator

If you’re new to purchasing the services of a Drone / UAV operator what should you look out for?

Make sure they are legal

Check the credentials of the operator by visiting the CAA website to confirm they have a permission for aerial work.

When you reach a point of placing an order ask for copies of their permission for aerial work and their aviation insurance.

Be clear about what you are buying

It might seem simple your just buying an aerial video but when comparing operators check:

  • Are they delivering a finished graded video or just the raw footage that you will have to then edit?
  • What camera equipment will they be using?
  • If you need some ground filming do they have the equipment and experience?
  • Does your environment require more specific safety kit or training?
  • Do they have an appropriate level of aviation pubic liability insurance?

Are special permissions required?

It is possible that your requirement may need special permissions (restricted airspace, night flying, non-standard flight, central London etc), check if these are needed and if they are able to obtain them.

Can their equipment deliver?

If you have specific requirements (video qualify, inspection detail, stand off distance etc) do some research to confirm if their equipment is appropriate to your requirement:

  • A small drone with a wide angle lens does not make a good inspection drone.
  • A small drone with a go-pro will not give you great quality video.
  • Do you have operating constraints that mean they need to fly in more challenging conditions?

Can they deliver?

Check out their testimonials and look at the kind of work they have undertaken.

Do they have backup equipment?

If they only have one drone if there are issues with it they can not quickly re-engage with your requirement.