Drone Flight Assessment (Test)

Flight Assessment (Test)

At Droneflight we offer flight assessments on multirotor drones and fixed wing drones.

Normally the flight assessment is included in the price of the ground school, however if you wish to take a flight assessment on its own the cost is £350 plus VAT

To book a flight assessment, please email info@droneflight.co.uk or call 01833 605051

What happens on a flight assessment?

The best way of thinking about a flight assessment is to consider it your first real job.  When you arrive your examiner will give you a briefing on the task you are required to do and you will be expected to produce an appropriate flight plan and risk assessment.  Your examiner will expect you to brief them on the plan and assess your knowledge of air law and your aircraft.  After this you will attend the location and be expected to complete a site assessment, check your drone and setup appropriate control measures for the task.

If you were doing a real job your client would expect you to attend with all the required equipment including laptop, maps, personal protective equipment, paperwork, anemometer, first aid kit, signs, small fire extinguisher.  Also, if you have kit with you, use it!  Leaving your kit in the car doesn’t add up to being prepared!


This is a big area of weakness for many people, its not enough to know the model of your aircraft and that you have an “Ops Manual”!

  • What do your status lights mean?
  • How do you check if the aircraft is safe to fly?
  • What are its operating limitations?
  • What frequency does it operate on?
  • What external factors can effect aircraft performance?
  • How does it complete its return to home?
  • What are your setup procedures?
  • What are your emergency procedures?


You will be expected to complete a flight plan and appropriate risk assessment.  Bring maps and/or a laptop so you can check the airspace, NOTAMS and collect appropriate emergency contact information.  Confirm before your test if access to the internet is available on the site, don’t assume it is.


You will need to be able to fly in GPS and non GPS modes (ATTI on DJI equipment).  You will be asked to complete a number of tasks, set up the site appropriately, keep appropriate records and execute some of your emergency procedures.  The assessor is not looking for a “Flying Ace” but for someone who is operating to their procedures and can execute a flight in a safe way.

You don’t have to fly perfectly, but you need to be safe and maintain visual line of sight at all times.


  • a minimum of 2 hours flying on the drone you will be tested on
  • appropriate insurance
  • appropriate safety equipment
  • flight procedures (flight reference cards)
  • the drone you will be tested on


It is really important that you consider your clothing in the context of the prevailing weather conditions.  Most of us are not used to being outside in the cold and not moving, the insulation requirements are much higher when you are flying your drone as you don’t move.  The same applies to warm weather and appropriate protection and eyewear.

To book your flight assessment, please call 01833 605051 or email info@droneflight.co,uk