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Within our consulting team are some of the early pioneers of drone technology, from small platforms to high end, high endurance platforms for maritime use.  We have helped our customer develop long term drone strategies, establish safety management systems, bid for some of the largest drone contracts issued in Europe and built drone competence development programmes.

We have been the expertise powering many organisations moving into the drone industry.

The challenge of managing teams of pilots and drones

Many organisations are currently only considering the issues relating to operating a single drone/pilot even if it is patently obvious it is an organisation where there will be many more pilots and drones.  The process and systems required to be in place to make operations effective and ensure safe operations in a distributed environment are quite different to that of a sole pilot.

We can bring our experience of working with many organisations, including the emergency services and the commercial sector, to establishing effective multi team operations in your company.

The challenge of drone selection and qualification

Once you get beyond a single unit purchase or your into a larger platform the level of consideration and investigation required significantly increases.  Fleets of drones bring questions of the management of spares, software versions, support equipment and supplier capability into the mix and failure to consider these upfront will have a significant impact on your planned return on investment.

Many of the buyers for larger complex platforms have no experience in this area and don’t even know the right questions to ask.  Our experience will help guide you through understanding your requirements and validating the suppliers claims.

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