Confined space inspection

Reach inaccessible places

Safely inspect in confined spaces

We have the capability to complete remote inspections in highly confined spaces, keeping the inspection team outside the hazardous environment.  Scaffolding, rope access, or crane are no longer needed to perform visual inspections. We can complete visual inspections of the most complex and cluttered spaces for you.

Right equipment and skilled pilots

Drones offer a serious advantage over other mobile robotics:  their ability to fly allows access to virtually any space, regardless of the shape, material and geometry of the environment.  However, traditional drones are not collision tolerant and even a minor touch can end a flight abruptly.

We selected the Flyability Elios, a collision tolerant drone that can use the obstacles in the environment to navigate internally.  In addition the Elios has an on board illumination system and a thermal camera to enable it to adapt to this challenging environment.  The Elios is the most mature and proven collision tolerant drone for inspection currently available.

Keep your people and your assets safe

  • Keep staff outside hazardous and confined spaces
  • Avoid the risk of working at height
  • Reduced asset downtime
  • Less preparation time (no scaffolding, less complex risk assessment)

Applicable to many applications 

  • Mining – accessing inaccessible areas
  • Civil – inspection of bridges, culverts, tunnels and underground services
  • Shipping – inspection of hulls and ballast tanks
  • Brewing – inspection of lauter tun, fermenting and lager vessels
  • Industrial – inspection of piping, boilers, silos, tanks and pressure vessels

Preparation and constraints

It is very easy to fall into the idea that the drone is the only thing entering the confined space so all other risks are mitigated or reduced.  However, if there are any hazardous substances in the space they will be on the drone so industrial cleaning of space, drone or both may be required.  The drone is not ATEX rated, no explosive substances can be in the space.

We would highly recommend you call us to discuss your inspection needs and environment.