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Drone camera capability testing

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target boardIt’s not enough to know that your drone has a camera and flies to deliver a high quality product to your clients, you need to understand what it’s real performance level is and its operating limitations.

Using a standard target board (left) we have been able to compare a range of cameras, lenses and drones.  The target board includes contrast lines that are 1cm, 0.5cm and 0.25cm wide.  There are many factors that affect the delivered images you take raw resolution is important but vibration, exposure and aperture can undermine that capability.

If we take the example of exposure, people can assume that a camera’s auto exposure is “correct”.  This is true based on the settings (usually an average across the whole image).  This assumption can create issues if your subject is different, from a contrast or lighting perspective, to the rest of the image you are taking.

exposureAs you can see from the images above detail is literally washed away from the image.  If you are looking at this part of the image for an inspection or your a looking to achieve a specific real world GSD (ground sampling distance) this is a critically important factor.

Look at the images below, its a daft example but it contrasts a Mavic with a Zenith (equipped with a Sony A7rII) both flying at 100m.  Its a question of the right tool for the right job.


Image from Zenith at 100m using Sony A7r II





Fire Service Training College – Earthquake Rescue

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Took the Zenith to the Fire Services Training College, they have a fantastic mock earthquake arena, perfect for showing off the Duple Vista IR/Visible light camera. We were able to find our “victim” hiding in all the rubble, while keeping the commanders up to speed thanks to the HD downlink.

Primetech also were on hand to demonstrate their  MultiNet Comms system which can deliver live video over satellite anywhere in the world.

Zenith and Multinet Earthquake Search from Droneflight on Vimeo.


Hasselblad H50C on QU4Dx

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As it turned out the frame for the gimbal wasn’t big enough to balance the Hasselblad so we turned it into a fixed platform for this test.

We got some amazing RAZOR sharp stills from this great camera.


The remote triggering mechanism wasn’t quite behaving as expected. 


The QU4Dx is an amazing sight over St Trinians Hall.