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We’re already veterans in a very new market place. We believe UAS offer unique opportunities to business in many different fields, from providing unprecedented access through to taking the man out of the loop in hazardous environments.  Along with our excitement at the rapidly maturing platforms we have at our disposal, what sets us apart is our passion for service. We recognise that this is a new field with few out the box solutions.  The key that will deliver mutual success is ongoing collaboration with our customers to explore and better understand needs and potential solutions.

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"Droneflight recently helped us massively on a charity stand up paddle trip - they filmed and then put together a short film - we found them professional and very accommodating. Would not hesitate to use them again for our future ventures."

− Spencer Timson

"Their after-sales service is second to none, and I highly recommend Droneflight to anyone who’s considering purchasing a UAV."

− Richard Elliott

"The QU4D gave us a new perspective and Droneflight helped us understand and prepare for our trip, we are looking forward to them coming with us next year."

− Craig Mushet - Science Leader

"A huge thankyou for the incredible customer service when I purchased my drone. the detailed model overview, flight ops and unexpected flying trip was much appreciated. There is no question I will use you again in the future"

− Jerome Swift