Enforcing Drone Laws

Following concerns about risks posed to the public by drones, and the fact that many of the issues surrounding drones are not aviation-related and therefore fall within the remit of other statutory bodies such as the police and emergency services, the DfT , the CAA, the Home Office and Police have developed an MOU to better establish where responsibility lies for enforcing breaches of drone related regulations.

Reading the memorandum, the CAA, Home Office, Police and the DfT will jointly draft and implement legislation, education and share information between the bodies. The Police will assess all drone misuse reports on a Threat, Risk and Harm basis, and investigate those ones deemed to be serious enough.  They will not investigate breaches of the ANO 2009 as these are categorised an non recordable offences, rather they will concentrate on offences where the drone has been used to commit a crime.

The CAA will lead on investigating and prosecuting offences concerning aerial work conducted without CAA permission, controlled airspace breaches and incidents where aircraft or people have not been endangered. They will also lead on investigating and prosecuting drone misuse relating to aviation safety only investigate the most serious offences

You can read the full memorandum here