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Come fly with me

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Flying cars came a bit nearer with the news that a German company, e-Volo are preparing for the first manned flight of their new machine, the Volocopter. Something of a cross between a drone and a helicopter, the Volocopter 2 seater model takes off vertically just like a helicopter, but unlike other aircraft, it runs on battery packs. Currently the copter can only fly for 20-30 minutes on a charge, but the engineers are working to extend flight times to over an hour and they also want to design a larger version that could carry four to six people.

As it stands, the e-Volo team plans to sell the two-seated model for $340,000 apiece so its not yet the choice of travel for the masses–F-9KrW

What happens when you gatecrash a fire…

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Proving its never a good idea to shortcut getting permissions from the relevant authorities, see what happens when John Thompson uploaded a 14 minute video to You Tube of firefighters battling a blaze.  Twelve minutes in, a firefighter turns his hose to the prying quadcopter, hitting its camera and forcing the pilot to fly higher out of range.
Watch the video below, and cut to 12:00 for the action.  John Thompson, whose drone the firefighters blasted with water, is now planning to bill the fire department for the damage done to his drone…good luck with that one!

The Sky is the Limit: Using Drones in Documentaries

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A little run out to Doc/Fest 

  • MODERATOR(S): Brian Woods
  • PARTICIPANT(S): Emma Boswell , Andrew Griffiths , Jonathan Wells , Adam Gee

From 10 feet up in the air, to navigating the rim of a volcano, drones are offering filmmakers an exciting new perspective from which to tell their stories. This panel will bring together experienced drone operators, commissioning editors, directors, and the people training today’s operators, to answer the questions; what is the future of drones in documentaries and how can you use them (safely and legally!) to tell your stories now?

Dublin Fire Brigade researches drone use in Emergency response

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In what is probably going to be a common thread as Emergency services everywhere seek to capitalise on what drones can offer in terms of safety and response speed, Dublin Fire Brigade confirmed on its Twitter account that it was researching the use of drones in emergency situations. It is believed members of the DFB will soon receive training in how to use the craft.

Man attacks Drone

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Along with the rest of Mr Iglesias’s fans we wish him a speedy recovery as we’re sure his tour organizer’s health and safety advisor will be wanting a quick word with him! We imagine the conversation may touch on:

  • Why use a drone in the first place for camera footage? Why use a machine with blades spinning at over 10K RPM if you could safely use a camera rig instead?
  • Why was Mr Iglesias holding onto the drone?
  • Why didn’t someone brief him about how his actions could interfere with the flight positioning system the Inspire relies on for flying indoors
  • Why did he then throw it into the crowd?

Needless to say some of the media have covered this as a “Drone attack” which seems as ill informed as Mr Igleasias’s actions were…

Filming DC380 at Harlow

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It was a great opportunity to film such a large building from the outside and from the inside.  This engagement consisted of 2 parts:

  • producing a short film of DC380
  • running a demonstation session for 40 potential investors in DC380

We delivered this engagement with a team of 4, 2 DJI Inspires and 1 DJI s1000.  Two demonstration lanes were setup in the main warehouse and our pilots provided one on one coaching to the attendees to fly the DJI Inspire on a simple course.  Also, we demonstrated the capabilities of the DJI s1000 inside for the delegates.

The video below is the “fun cut” of the day.