Specialized Elios Training

Gain real experience in real environments

Specialize your skills

We offer Flyability Authorised Specialized training for the Elios.

Drone-based indoor and confined space inspection can be a real challenge. Even the most experienced outdoor drone pilots need to adapt their reflexes, habits, and techniques when it comes to flying indoors.

Gain real experience in real environments with your Elios.

Gain those real world skills

Black Official Training Center@10xWhen piloting indoors out of visual line of sight you need consider a wide range of issues:

  • Protruding objects
  • Falling objects
  • Loss of communication
  • Getting lost!

Perhaps the most challenging issue is gaining and maintaining sufficient situational awareness to successfully conduct the mission.

Structure of training

To ensure attendees improve their piloting skills, we go through a variety of scenarios using a mix of assets during all our specialized courses. All our specialized training courses follow the same template:

  • Theory briefing
  • Try different types of inspection (reconnaissance flight, systematic inspection, local inspection)
    • Perform primary risk assessment
    • Make a reconnaissance flight
    • Review risk assessment and compare it with the assessment of an expert
    • Perform a local or a systematic inspection
    • Get evaluation feedback from an expert.
  • Finish the course by simulating the real inspection of an asset

Specialized training courses two days in duration.

Who should attend?

Our specialized training courses are open to all pilots looking to improve their skills, gain real industry experience and develop use case specific best practices with the Elios.  If you plan to perform a mission that requires advanced or expert piloting skills according to the Flyability Mission Difficulty Assessment Card and you are not certified accordingly, following a specialized training course is the best way to drive up your skill level.

The specialized training courses can be attended by pilots who have already completed Flyability Authorised Introductory Training.  The 2 day specialized Elios training is £2500 plus VAT for a crew of two, additional pilots are £1000 plus VAT for the 2 days.

Please contact us, your reseller or Flyability to arrange this training.

Assets available at Chester Training Centre

  • 30m Riser / Chimney
  • Storage Tanks
  • Ladder and Safety Rail
  • Underground Plant Rooms

Assets available at Darlington Training Centre

  • Sewers
  • Engine Shed
  • Victorian Boiler