Aerial Film and Photography

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aerial video, film and photography

We have a broad range of skills and equipment that can safely and confidently deliver the amazing aerial photography or video to your project.  We can produce final videos for you, work with your production company or provide you with raw footage.

What can we do?

We have experience of filming over water, grand buildings, police training, golf courses and in extreme cold.  We will work with you on developing a brief and safety review for your assignment confirming if its possible.  Where we have been able to complete this onsite we can give you a firm quotation.

We are fully insured and have qualified pilots in our team.

Contact us to explore your needs in this area.


Multiple Systems and Payloads

Within our UAS systems we can offer a range of payloads from GoPro up to native 4K video and ProRES – we are not stuck with one camera.  We also have ground based stabilisation equipment to continue the filming inside and in confined spaces.  Our broad range of equipment gives us many capabilities:

  • 4k and PRORES filming
  • 36m pixel images
  • Large cameras
  • Ground stabilisation equipment (indoor filming)
  • Live client monitoring
  • High Definition live broadcast

In addition if you have a specific or specialist payload requirement we are happy to explore the feasibility of this with you.