PIX4D Training Workshops

Enhance your capabilities

PIX4D Training Workshops

Pix4D is the leading software for commercial drone users. It enables users to build extensive and highly detailed 3D models and maps from data collected during a drone flight. Learning the skills required to make the most out of this software will really put you ahead of the competition!


With Pix4D training, you’ll be able to:

  • Create advanced georeferenced maps
  • Develop models from images taken by hand, drone, or plane
  • Learn advanced techniques to gain a competitive edge
  • Pix4D is the leading software for mapping and modelling a range of images and data captured by drones. With a wide range of applications from construction to agriculture, emergency response to estate management, it’s the perfect solution for many industrial drone tasks.


Day 1 (from 9AM to 5:30PM)

  • About Pix4D
  • Applications of Pix4Dmapper
  • The Theory Of Images To 3D Points
  • Compatibility Time: Outputs of Pix4D with CAD/GIS software
  • Creating Accurate Georeferencing
  • Best Practices of Pix4Dmapper
  • Demonstration of Pix4Dmapper
  • An Introduction to Precision Agriculture With Pix4D
  • The Practicalities: Processing Time and Hardware
  • What The Future Holds For Pix4D
  • Questions


Day 2 (from 9AM to 5:00PM)

  • An Intro To Pix4Dcapture software
  • The Basics: Flight Planning
  • Multi-Rotors and Pix4D
  • Fixed Wing and Pix4D
  • Hands-on! Practical Session
  • Create your project
  • Manual addition of tie points/GCPs
  • Evaluation: quality of the project
  • The addition of scale constraints
  • Time to merge! Two projects collide


Who is the course for?
The course is for anyone wanting to use modelling and mapping software as part of their business offering. Whether you’re a one-man startup as a drone pilot seeking to expand your skills, or a top tech whizz seeking to offer a niche service to aerial imaging companies, the Pix4D workshop is ideal. If you are brand new to Pix4D, you might find our 1 day Pix4D workshop helpful for an introduction into the 3D Mapping software.

What do the course fees include?
You’ll be fully refreshed with tea and coffee throughout the day, as well as a tasty lunch!

Is accommodation included in the course fee?
This is a day course only so accommodation won’t be included in the fee. We can help you find a nice hotel near to the venue, though, so if you’re stuck get in touch!

What do I need to bring?
You can leave your drone at home! However you’ll find that your laptop will be required – and remember the power cable for it too.

How do I book?
Email info@droneflight.co.uk  The course is £750 plus VAT

Is 2 days too long?
There is a one day version, which does not cover PIX4D in the same level of detail. Please email us for details