Mobile Emergency Management System

In collaboration with Primetech

Mobile Emergency Management System

This system is a combination of the Primetech MultiNet and the Zenith delivering a complete field deployable system with a satellite backhaul which fits in the boot of 2 estate cars.

Zenith operating in an emergency setting, illustrating the capabilities of the UAV in the system.

What’s this system for?

The concept of this system is that you can load it onto any vehicle with sufficient space, reach your location and configure the system to work with the emergency you are facing.  The system contains extender nodes which can be placed anywhere to extend the range of the self healing COFDM network.  In addition each body camera and one of the UAV’s (Zenith) is a COFDM node which dramatically improves operating performance.  For example if you wanted to go underground placing the extender nodes at key positions would enable this.

In addition they system contains a server, incident management software and a back haul router that will use WIFI, GPRS, 3G, 4G and satellite broadband to ensure you are never out of reach.

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What’s in the system?

Incident Ground Extender Nodes – these feature 2.4 and 5.8 GHz WiFi communications linked by a COFDM mesh network and can be located throughout an incident ground.

Command Master/Primary Nodes – these are used for receiving feeds from the various Incident Ground Extender Nodes and contain a server with incident management software installed.

Body worn cameras – transmitting back using the COFDM network.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – the Zenith equipped with a thermal and zoom camera again transmitting video using the COFDM network.  In addition the Inspire is used as a disposable UAV.

Satellite unit – This is a waterproof Nanuk ruggedised case-housed unit linked to a C-Com Fly-75 satellite dish. It is battery powered and fully portable, linking the Command Master/Primary Node by high speed Ka mobile satellite broadband on to other command levels in the network.

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