Elios Introduction Training

Get the most out of your investment

Get off to the right start

The Elios is not like a traditional drone.  To help you make the most of your Elios,  Flyability offer free manufacturer certified introduction training to all new customers.  This training is also available to additional pilots and potential new customers looking to complete an in-depth evaluation of the Elios and their ability to exploit it quickly.

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The Introductory training is a primer to operate Elios in the safest conditions and in the most professional and efficient way. During the Introductory Training, you will learn all the basics of Elios, practice flying, and discover all of its features. You will get a brief introduction to the material we use to prepare a mission.

If you are interested in further exploring the possibilities of Elios, we encourage you to check our specialized training offering.

Structure of the course

  • Theoretical training session: Safety and methodology related to the usage of Elios.
  • Practical training session: Hands-on exercises to acquire the proper skills to collect data with Elios in the field.
  • Practical exam session: Piloting skills assessment leading to beginner or advanced certification depending on results.
  • Basic exam sessions: Online assessment reviewing the knowledge you have acquired throughout the day.

Who should attend?

Flyability Customers
The introductory training course is open to all Flyability customers, for free (for a crew of 3), upon the purchase of an Elios.  Attending the introductory training is highly recommended even for people used to UAV piloting.  Please contact your reseller or Flyability to arrange this training.

Non Flyability Customers
The introductory training is also available to non Flyability customers at a cost of £385 plus VAT per delegate.  Attending the Introductory Training is a great opportunity to discover Elios in-depth before making a purchase.  Please contact us directly to arrange this training.

Training Dates


  • 3rd June 2019, Darlington £385 plus VAT
  • 9th September 2019, Darlington £385 plus VAT
  • 11th November 2019, Darlington £385 plus VAT

To book your place, please email info@droneflight.co.uk or call 01833 333950