Agriculture Services

Agriculture Services

We provide a range of services to provide to support farming and associated agriculture businesses. We specialize in the capture, processing and tailoring of multispectral and RGB data to meet our client’s requirements.

What can we deliver?

We provide a range of deliverables to clients, including:

  • Mapping (Orthomosaics) for crop scouting and insurance
  • Digital surface model for irrigation and erosion control
  • Vegetation index maps for crop protection and production
  • Zoning maps for crop production
  • Prescription maps for crop production

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Our Equipment

Primarily we make use of the Sequoia camera on the Parrot Bluegrass and the Disco:

Parrot Bluegrass

The Bluegrass is a small multirotor drone with an integrated Sequoia camera for multispectral crop analysis. This makes the Bluegrass particularly suited to seed trial area or locations with difficult take off and landing conditions.

 Parrot Disco AG

The Disco AG is a small fixed wing drone with an integrated Seqioia camera for multispectral crop analysis. The Disco AG is suited to larger area data collection which it can complete more efficiently than the Bluegrasss.

Sensfly eBee

The eBee is a surveying drone that we can equip with an RBG camera (SODA) or a multispectral camera (Sequoia).  We can produce survey grade maps and surface models with the eBee and collect multispectral data